December 02 2013 Monday at 02:23 PM

Dr Ash wins Karl McManus Foundation Scholarship

Vitality Hub is proud to announce that Dr Tania Ash has been awarded the Karl McManus Foundation scholarship to the United States to up skill in the treatment of Lyme disease from globally recognized leaders in this field. Dr Ash is proud to be the first recipient of this award. This will result in Vitality Hub having one of only a few doctors in Australia that have undertaken the highest level of training in the United States for the treatment of Lyme disease. Over the past 12 months our clinic has seen a considerable increase in the number of chronic fatigue sufferers being positively diagnosed with Lyme disease. Our doctors, lead by Dr Ash, have taken a proactive approach to this demand and have established professional collaborations with doctors in the US and Australia for the express purpose of initiating treatment protocols for the betterment of all our patients.