January 30 2013 Wednesday at 02:51 PM

Weight Loss

 A weekly update on how you can lose your X-Mass excess!


Vitality Hub offers our patients several options for losing weight. Our philosophy and experience in the industry shows that for sustainable weight loss you need to be emotionally committed to the process, have a solid nutritional platform and have all body channels clear with body systems, hormones and organs working in harmony.

Australia is ranked 6th in the world after the United States as the most obese nation. Excess fat on our body not only leads to diabetes, heart disease, joint disease but it also means we carry a mass of tissue which processes inflammatory toxins and hormones making us feel lethargic and lacking in vitality. This accelerates the aging process and reduces one’s energy levels and vitality.

We have all been exposed to the quick fix diet fads that may result in weight loss for the short term but not for the long term so our programs and approach are geared to serve long term results.

Over the next 4 weeks we will present to you 4 options for losing the excess weight. The paths one can take are;-

1.                  Consulting with one of our Holistic doctors and Nutritionists for a Nutritional Pathway

2.                  Consulting with one of our Naturopath's or  Nutritionists or for a naturopathic and    nutritional pathway

3.                  Mini Consult for Metagenics Detox Program (2 week and 6 week program ) with supporting weight loss program.

4.                  Consulting with one of our Holistic doctors to take the compounded prescription hCG pathway


The first option allows you to explore through our detailed consulting and testing process systems and food choices which may be blocked or not working efficiently to allow effective weight loss which include, thyroid dysfunction, gut dysbiosis, adrenal depletion, mental stress and food sensitivities to name a few. This testing is especially helpful when you have tried all the basics and nothing has worked. Treatments include healing those sub-optimal systems with tailored food programs, minerals, herbal and hormonal replacement as appropriate.

The second option focuses on mineral, herbal and nutritional treatments to facilitate weight loss.

The last option that will be discussed is hCG.  hCG is a relatively new and very exciting program for weight loss through changing your eating and lifestyle habits, it also allows for complete detoxification and rebuilding of your gut walls. hCG is the acronym for Human chorionic gonadotropin it is a hormone naturally produced in large amounts by the placenta during pregnancy. It is believed that hCG serves an important function in providing a stream of energy and nutrition for the developing baby by allowing access to storage fat, during periods between meals.

All the options that we offer and will discuss in the coming weeks can be supported by our Life Coaching program which will increase your chances of long term sustainable weight loss.

Contact one of our Vitality Hub team members for more information on 03 8199 8000

Look out for our next Free Weight Loss Seminar coming soon.