February 05 2013 Tuesday at 02:15 PM

Weight Loss and The Missing Ingredient No-one Talks About

Many people believe that weight loss is all about calories in versus calories out and movement versus sitting on the couch.  Whilst there is truth and science to back up this belief, weight loss is far more complicated than just eating correctly and exercising.

 Many people go on a diet, they exercise and restrict calories and the weight comes off, but then life goes back to ‘normal’ and slowly the weight returns.  Does this sound familiar?  Many people say to me that they have tried every diet under the sun only to regain the weight and then some. 

 Why does this occur you ask?  Well, because there is a missing ingredient, one that no one talks about when they give you a ‘diet’. 

 Don’t get me wrong, exercise and the food you eat are very important and vital ingredients within the weight loss journey, but they’re not the whole story.  There is still one incredibly important missing ingredient.  It is this ingredient that makes weight loss easy and long term.  This ingredient is hard to come by, hard to work through and takes time to master.  But once it has been found, it will give you long lasting and worthwhile weight loss results and, best of all, it will change your life for the better, permanently. 

So what is this missing ingredient?  Well, it is your ‘emotions’ or your emotional state or, as some would say, it is ‘mindset’.  Your emotional journey with food and weight can sabotage you at every corner.  How you think and feel about food, what your family history has been around food, whether or not food makes you feel good or causes you strong negative emotions will influence your weight loss journey.  Ask yourself these questions; do I reach for chocolate or sweets when I feel sad or stressed?  Do I reach for chocolate, sweet things or alcohol to reward myself, to say to myself that was a job well done?  Do you always finish everything on the plate?  Do you find it easy to lose weight when all is right with your world, but find when all is wrong you put weight on?  The interesting thing is, that all these responses are a result of conditioning, programming or perception.

Where do these programs come from?  Well most of them came from your history, your upbringing, your family or judgments you made about yourself and food as a little one.

So how do you learn how to reprogram your old patterning around food and your feelings associated with it?  Well, that is where I come in.  This is my expertise and my passion.  As a nutritional medicine practitioner and life coach, it is my job to help you uncover the hidden programs that define your current relationship with food and to drive new ways of thinking about it.  Your old programs are replaced with new ones that support the new you as you embark on a journey based on the three pillars of awareness, acceptance and action within an environment defined by personal motivation, inspiration, dedication, effort and time.

It is also my job to uncover any medical reasons (along with our Doctors) that may be stopping you from losing weight such as food allergies, which can keep you from losing the excess kilos, or make you waterlogged or sugar-logged.  Together, you and I will install new programs, find new food regimes and truly win the battle of the bulge as you transition to the new you free of excess mental, emotional and most importantly physical baggage.

So if it is your intention this year to become thinner, sleeker, healthier, faster and just generally happier, then treat yourself to a life giving, rejuvenating dietary experience by booking into a nutritional/life coaching session.  I look forward to meeting you at Vitality Hub.