Bio-Toxins - Moldy Homes

A moldy home can have a significant adverse effect on your health. In the US it is estimated that 50% of buildings are water damaged (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health NIOSH 2013).

Even more disturbing is the fact that mold proliferates readily within 2 days of unremediated water damage. It is not always visible to the eye, as the damage can occur within ceiling or wall cavities, or under floors with poorly planned foundations or inadequate subfloor ventilation. Mold spores invisible to the human eye can then migrate into ducted heating and cooling systems, as well as settle into books, soft furnishings and upholstery, and clothing.

The mold assessment and remediation process must be undertaken by a highly trained professional. I highly recommend Dr Cameron Jones, a phD microbiologist, ( who travels around Australia.  I commonly see recurrent respiratory tract infections and sore throats, asthma, pneumonia, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis, plus frequent headaches. More worryingly, 25% of the population are susceptible to the development of CIRS-Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome- from the biotoxins of pathogens of mold (or tick-borne illnesses). These vulnerable individuals have impaired immune response HLA genes with defective antigen (foreign bodies including mold spore) presentation to their protective T lymphocytes-which is the essential initiating step to mount an immune response against the fungal infection. They also have impaired detoxification and biotoxin clearance pathways. As a result, the biotoxins produced by the mold spores keep recirculating indefinitely in the body, and these patients develop a myriad of chronic debilitating symptoms.

The immune system reacts with chronic inflammation, including production of cytokines which produce flu-like symptoms and cause widespread inflammatory damage throughout the body. Cytokines damage hypothalamic leptin receptors, which then compromises production of key regulatory hormone (MSH, ADH, ACTH and VIP) and sex hormones. This produces a range of symptoms such as chronic insomnia with melatonin suppression; leaky gut and irritable bowel symptoms; leaky blood vessels with easy bruising and petechiae; shortness of breath; frequent urination, thirst, electric shocks, postural dizziness or POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), neurological symptoms of blurred vision, parasthesia, muscle weakness; diffuse fibromyalgic pain with reduced endorphins; brain fog/cognitive dysfunction; anxiety and depression; and chronic fatigue. 

At our clinic Dr Ash uses the  Dr Shoemaker’s 10 step protocol to help mycotoxin elimination and recovery of the immune system and hormone suppression is vital to their recovery. We also use Nutripath, the Integrative Medical Laboratory based in Melbourne, is now the first laboratory in Australia to offer Dr Shoemaker’s comprehensive blood mould panel of key inflammatory and hormone biomarkers, essential to guide the steps of his protocol and track recovery. For more information on the Dr Ritchie Shoemaker 10 step program please visit:

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