Prenatal Program - The Natural Alternative

The practitioners at Vitality Hub have developed a ‘Prenatal Program” that involves four modalities to help couples overcome their fertility issues. We believe that a major cause of fertility issues stems from the individuals being extremely stressed with day to day life challenges, then add the pressure of trying to fall pregnant and the sky feels like it is going to fall down.

Our program takes a more holistic approach by working between our Doctors, Naturopaths and/or Nutritionist, TCM Doctor and Psychologist. We have developed a six (6) month program that we feel can assist people to achieve what should be a very natural thing, child birth. This is achieved by looking at the individual and making some small lifestyle changes that include diet, taking the path to a low alkaline diet, working with our acupuncturist to de-stress the body and open up blocked energy channels and our psychologist will work with you to de-stress the mind to make this a more natural and less stressful process.

In a nutshell the program works as follows;-

  • Initial consult with a Doctor for bloods and work up for both male and female. Blood work should include IgG food panel, semen for male, egg fertility for female and all other general bloods that will need to be monitored;
  • If the patient has underlying gynecological issues the program will be adopted to suit the individual and more frequent visits with the doctor may be required;
  • Commence acupuncture with Oscar, weekly visits to de-stress and open channels;
  • If the patient requires Chinese herbal treatment this will be discussed with the TCM Doctor and prescribed accordingly;
  • Commence dietary changes with the naturopath or nutritionist, and will include monthly visits for monitoring purposes;
  • The patient may also choose to commence consulting with the Psychologist on a weekly or fortnightly basis in mindfulness to help with the distressing of the mind and body. This service has a medicare rebate attached;
  • After 3-4 weeks the blood results will be available allowing the doctor to do a follow up to discuss the results with you;
  • Once the blood work is back the Naturopath or Nutritionist will refine any dietary changes that may be required;
  • You will also visit the doctor once every 2 months or as needed to re-check blood work.

We would expect that the average patient will see;-

  • The doctor 3 – 4 times during the course of the program;
  • You will be treated by the TCM/Acupuncturist weekly during the course of the program;
  • You will meet with the Naturopath and/or Nutritionist at least 4 times to ensure diet is corrected; and
  • The psychologist will be seen at least 6 times during the course of the program if required.

Please feel free to call our rooms on (03) 8199 8000 to discuss the program in more detail with one of our staff.