Vitality Hub offers patients two key treatment pathways;-

  •  One pathway is to meet with one of our experienced Holistic doctors who will assess you and implement a treatment protocol tailored specifically for you;
  • The 2nd pathway is to meet with one of our Naturopaths who will assess and guide you through to optimal wellness

All Vitality Hub practitioners will work together as a team to deliver the optimal health outcome for you, our patient. The team will listen to your needs and advise you with care and diligence.

Every Wednesday and Friday morning from 9.30 am – 1.30 pm we run an intravenous vitamin clinic available to all of our patients. If you are not an existing patient but would like to inquire if you are suitable for intravenous vitamins please contact one of our reception staff to set up an evaluation appointment with one of our doctors.

The evaluation adopts an integrative medicine protocol and will take 20 minutes or less.

Adrian Harper has recently joined the practice as an innovative naturopath who focuses on Men’s health, diet and lifestyle. Many men have a poor state of health and some of the reasons for this in Australia and around the world are numerous and complex and it is primarily due to a lack of awareness of the health issues men face. This can largely be attributed to the reluctance of men to openly discussing the subject due to longstanding traditions, coupled with an ‘it’ll be alright’ attitude. Men are less likely to schedule doctor appointments when they feel ill or for an annual physical, thereby denying themselves the chance of early detection and effective treatment of common diseases.   

Statistics show that, on average, men die at a younger age than women. That said, despite trailing the women’s health movement, things are beginning to change, but further progress needs to be implemented to improve the state of men’s health. 

Maintaining healthy lifestyle choices, a good diet plus regular medical check-ups and screening tests can dramatically influence your health. The first step is to make an appointment with Adrian who runs clinic on Fridays from 9.30am – 5pm to evaluate and determine if a naturopathy pathway is your best solution or if the holistic doctor pathway is better suited to your health needs.

Alternatively, practitioners can collaborate to coordinate more complex health care needs. 


Please submit your name and email address to gain access to download the Health Appraisal Questionnaire.