Weight Loss Program

Confused about what foods are healthy and what foods are not?  Sick of dieting?

Diets have a way of keeping us unhealthy.  They have a way of making us feel trapped and if we have been on more than one diet in our lifetime and failed at it, then it keeps us on the diet treadmill going nowhere. 

Food is just food.  There is no such thing as good food or bad food, there are just some foods that are better for you than others and everybody is different. Once we label foods good or bad we place a judgment on it and on ourselves,  and if you eat one of the bad foods then we often get the subconscious message that we are a bad person.  Think about the last diet you were on, did you ever cheat on that diet, giving yourself the subconscious message that you are a failure, or a cheater? 

This happens because we are our worst critic. Food is just food and all there is considerable uninformed choices made by us in the area of food and diet.  It is these uninformed choices that keep us feeling trapped and out of control.

If you would like to feel free and in control, then this is the program for you! If you would like to feel healthy then this program will teach you how to do that, in a compassionate and supported way. If you would like to try and have a life change, then this program will show you that the more you change, the more you will improve. This program is all about you.  Your improvement is up to you!  We will help you change as much as you want, and you will see the benefits of this in your life very quickly. 

This weight loss program is designed around you being able to make an informed healthy choice.  It is designed to educate you in the biochemical ways of food, not in a scientific way, but in an easy to understand way that allows you a greater insight into food and the human body. Considering food is our fuel, it’s great to finally have a program that finally focuses on the body and explains the importance of food and how it fuels you! 

Benefits of this program –

Enables you to gain greater control of your life and your weight;

You will experience an increase in energy, mental clarity, concentration and productivity.  Your mood will change for the better and you should realise better sleeping patterns.  Any constipation and bloating will begin to reduce and energy levels should increase.  

Why this program is successful -

 Very few weight loss, detox programs come with hand holding by an expert Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and supported by Integrated /Functional Medical Doctors.

This intimate emotional support allows you to work through and change your old programs, whilst your body resets itself into a more positive relationship with food and your eating patterns. 

The program provides education and enlightenment on (1) what food does to the body,  (2)   why some foods are better than others and  (3) why autoimmunity and disease processes occur in the body from eating the wrong sort of food.  Once you are fully informed, all food choices become an empowered decision, making these choices super easy. 

What is Included in the Program

Initial Consultation – 1½  hours - Full dietary review and health assessment

21 days of detoxing (3 weeks) - this is a plant based wholefood detox regime. Recipes and Shopping Lists included.

The next 8 weeks are made up of individual meal plans designed to meet your needs by the practitioner.

5 x 30 minutes consultations every 2nd week

Unlimited email support to and from the practitioner

Supplements – Thermophase detox weeks 1 - 3

End Consultation – 1 hour – where to from here.  

Price -  $1500 ex supplements